HEY IT’S ME Rita ¡

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I guess you’re here trying to know me, my hobbies, and why i decided to study architecture.

Well let me introduce myself, i’m Rita a 19 years old moroccan girl who loves music, traveling ( especially the adventurous ones) and making silly jokes, i almost forgot my passion for interior design ( i’m glad i did 4 years ago with my father’s help the interior design of our second house ) . I lived and grown in morocco since i was born but here i’m now in Valencia . I moved last year to Spain to start my higher education. Why Spain ? it was an emotional choice because since my young age i traveled a lot to many spanish cities then by time i got used to the spanish culture and felt in love with it but the most important thing i felt like i’m HOME even if i was far from my country .

Let me now tell you why i decided to study architecture. I was 7 years old and i was already fascinated by all the plans and the different sort of rulers that my father had on his desk, i used to play with it instead of toys. In addition to this i remember always asking my dad to take me with him on his constructions site to see the before after and it’s evolution ( i was so excited about it, i think more than the proprietor himself ). I used to have two favorite tv programs winx club and renovation’s tv show ( i know such a contrast for a 7 years old girl ). The obvious things was that i like drawing and i never wanted to study something or have a platonic job without passion and sparkles while talking about it, so i decided to combine between them and that’s how started my architecture’s studies obsession.